One good thing about being single, I can now write about other girls on this blog. I don't know how long of a "grieving" period I'll take, but it won't be long. Too many fish in the sea to not go fishing. I thought I'd put my fishing pole away for good, I thought I'd caught the "big one", but alas it twas not so. I guess my boat sank and she got away. So out of retirement I will come. Now I've got a new and better boat, and I'm taking my fishing pole out of storage. Bait it. Cast it. Now wait for a nibble and yank the bitch out. Hey, you never know, I might catch the same one again, it's happened before. But I may be practicing "catch and release" for awhile, we'll wait and see on that one.

*Oh yeah, for those who care, I started eating again. Had half a muffin for breakfast, and a little salad for lunch. Probably pretzels on the airplane for dinner. I've decided I'm going to start eating a lot less. I used to have seconds on everything, but since I obviously don't need so much, I'm cutting down. Half portions from now on.

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