The last day of the year has arrived. Things have changed extremely from a year ago, but in the overall picture, (which I like to pretend I can see) I'm at the same place I was 365 days ago. I was searching on myspace.com for some of the people I graduated high school with and what I found was very depressing. I found a profile for Bob. I always considered Bob a slacker, a pothead, he hung out with the grungy kids, not somebody I would picture 'making' so to say. Yet he's out of college with a chemistry degree, he works in San Diego as a chemist, has a wife and a baby. I'm glad he's successful, he was always a cool kid, I guess I'm just jealous.

Well enough bitching. A new year is arriving, time to clean house, kick all the old shit to the curb. It's as good a time as any to change for the better. I made some new year's resolutions last year and only met one of them. So this year I will make none and meet all, yes, score. Anyways, we'll see how this year goes. I see good potential, I can work with the cards that have been dealt to me this time around, hopefully I can turn this pair into a jackpot. I also see Thailand on the horizon, don't know why, last year it was Cuba and that didn't work out.

Here's to a great year, much improvement, cheers!!!

Your SAT Score of 1340 Means:

You Scored Higher Than Howard Stern

You Scored Higher Than George W. Bush

You Scored Higher Than Al Gore

You Scored Lower Than David Duchovny

You Scored Lower Than Natalie Portman

You Scored Lower Than Bill Gates

Your IQ is most likely in the 130-140 range

Equivalent ACT score: 30

Schools that Fit Your SAT Score:

College of William and Mary

New York University

Boston College

United States Naval Academy

University of California, Berkeley


This is what I've been saying for so long.

from Blog-Like Thing:

“It’s almost as though nobody is interested in creating art as much as they are interested in “making a statement.” Which is fine, but art doesn’t always have to be high-concept, at least not in my opinion. I’ve never been a huge fan of modern art for that reason. It’s as if some time around the turn of the century, art went from capturing what was beautiful, luminous and worth capturing to capturing what’s fucked up in the world. ... And I’m sorry, but there is enough fucked up shit in the world already, I don’t need some tortured artist reminding me of that. To me, art doesn’t always have to make a statement, because where do you draw the line? Kyle took a big shit in a pretty gift box, and there’s no denying that it made one hell of a statement. Should we call it art and give him a show?

...Can’t wear pantyhose, can’t hang out at a bar in the mall, can’t sit in a cubicle all day, for fear it will make you a sell out…the supposedly “free-spirited” art world has more rules and regs than most corporations.”


It's been a very long time since I posted anything on this site. In a way it's like when Lex Luthor uses Kryptonite on an unsuspecting Superman and renders him incable of using his super powers. That's me, I've been rendered incable of blogging, my inspiration was sapped out of me. I'm hoping that with the new year coming soon, I'll be able to get back into the wonderful world called the blogosphere, though who really calls it that I don't know.

Quick update: Had a good Christmas. My parents were in town visiting, had some good home cooked Mexican food. Neon was also in town, had some awesome quality time with her, it's too bad she lives half way across the country. My dogs are great, my house smells like piss though. I'm still with Cheetah, that's going so so, it gets rougher every day. Keeping a caged cheetah isn't as easy as it sounds. My back hurts, a massage is in order, anyone willing to offer their services please feel free to let me know.

Also, comments on this page would help a lot in getting me back into the blogging mode. All my avid readers, if there's any of you left, begging me to write again would do wonders for my ego and might just be what I need to take this up again on a daily basis. So comment.

Until the new year.
your slightly inebriated amigo