Joshua Ellis wrote this on his blog:

So I’m sitting at the CoffeeBean, and there’s this pretty girl sitting at a table across the way, with her guy. As I was unloading my laptop, I glanced up and saw her give him this look of incredibly sweet warmth – like she was just happy to be sitting there, with him, in the soft warmth of a Nevada spring.

Part of me wished I had someone to look at me that way, of course. But I mostly felt reaffirmed in some small way that, despite whatever horrors humanity can conceive, there’s still room for beautiful young girls in floral-print skirts to sit and fall in love. Something still works, I guess.

I wish I could believe him, because that's the exact thing I wish I had. Maybe if I met a girl that actually liked to wear skirts. That's a long shot I know, but Kelly wouldn't even wear a skirt if I asked her to. I wonder if she would for the other guy.


Joshua Ellis said...

Dude, it's not even like I'm all happy and fuzzy in love myself. I'm as bitter as the next guy. And I have to fight a sort of rising reactive misogynism every day. (i.e. "Fuck those bitches", that sort of thing.)

I just thought it was cool that the girl looked at him that way. It wasn't about me and my misery, you know what I mean?

Keep your chin up. And if you see me in the Frog, I'll buy you a beer.


Freon said...

I understand completely, and I'll take you up on that beer someday soon. Thanks.