Saddam's Sons Are Dead

I don't want to sound like a blood thirsty, cold hearted, son of a bitch, but it's about time. I'm getting tired of the shitty job our intelligence agencies are doing when it comes to the capture of the world's biggest pieces of shit. Osama bin Ladin is still free, Saddam Hussein is still free. By capturing them or showing their dead bodies, it will bring a sort of closure to a lot of people. Sure we can win the war but the leader's of the so called "rogue" nations need to be brought to so called American justice. Whether this war was right or wrong is not the issue now. It's to late for that. The thing we should be focused on is standing Iraq back on it's feet under a "better" government. Capturing their ex leaders will help heal some of the scars.



Reality TV Superheros

What is WildGuard?
WildGuard is a made-for-TV superteam. An "American Idol" for superheroes, hundreds of heroes converge to try out for this reality TV show. Yet, only five will be chosen to fill WildGuard's roster.

We as the readers have the oppurtunity to vote for the teams fifth member, by going to
wildguard.com. There's also a contest on who the final five wil be.

All this will take place in the six issue mini-series by Todd Nauck, known for his long run on DC's Young Justice. Look for Wildgaurd at you favorite comic book store in September.

This sounds like a great idea to me. Below is my choice for team member. She's hot (literally) and seems like she would be fun to read about.
Go place your vote.

Powers/abilities: Pyro kinetic, fire manipulation

copyright Todd Nauck 2003



Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

This film is now officially the best movie I've seen this year! Johnny Depp is great as the eternally inebriated pirate Captain Jack Sparrow. His quirky arm and paranoid eye movements are great to watch. The way he speaks and his witty remarks are excellent. This is not a movie an actor can get an Oscar nomination for, but Depp definitely deserves it. Depp was wonderful, but the rest of the cast was great as well.

Keira Knightley looks very much like Natalie Portman, which is not a bad thing at all. In fact, I noticed she was in Star Wars: Phantom Menace with Portman. She played Sabé, who ever the hell that was.

Orlando Bloom was a much better elf than wannabe pirate. He actually came off as kind of bland, but I think it fit his role as the goody goody hero. Sure he joins up with a pirate, but he is still a good boy trying to save his love.

The pirates were all natural. Some were badass while others were comedic relief. They all looked the part and acted the part.

The actual plot of the movie was very believable. I mean you have to get past the part of an evil Aztec curse, but if you believe that then the rest follows easily.

I really enjoyed the fact that the special effects were not the stars of the movie. They were used sparingly but effectively. When they were used they looked real (as real as evil, deranged, zombie pirates can look).

I recommend you stay for the entire credits. They show a little extra at the very end. It doesn't affect the movie much but is still cool to see.



Good Riddance

I've heard his show a couple times and I just can't believe the bullshit he spews. His mother should have swallowed.

Spike TV Wins

For a second I thought Spike Lee might actually win, thank god he dropped the stupid case.



Another Movie About Killer AI

I've watched Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines twice now. I enjoyed it both times. Not as good as it's predecessor Terminator 2: Judgment but still an enjoyable action film. The key word in that sentence is action. To me an action movie consists of a lot of explosions, guns, car chases, gratuitous sex scenes, one-liners, heroes, villains and more explosions. All of that built around a loosly fit plot. Action movies are not meant to make you think to much, just enjoy the explosions. T3 is an action film, T2 was more. Unfortunatly I have not watched T2 in years but memory recalls it as deep. T3 is shallow but still entertaining. It tries to engage your brain with talk about fate and destiny, but atleast to me, it failed.

I wish John Conner had been played by Edward Furlong instead of Nick Stahl, but I guess I can see Stahl as an older Furlong. The rest of the cast was appropriate.

I'm not forgetting Arnold. He looks damn good for a man his age. Almost to good. My favorite line of the movie is when he tells Claire Dane's character to "RELAX".

The one problem I did have with the film was the end. It was left wide open for a sequel. The first to Terminator movies both seemed to end with the world being saved. Again I'm recalling them from memory since I haven't watched them. T3 seems more like the first part of a double feature or even a trilogy. The film was moving along at a good pace and then it seems like the director ran out of film and told them to "wrap it up, we'll finish next year."

Part of me is happy they made a T3, but a part of me wishes they'd left it at T2. Judgment Day had a great end. Hopefully Terminator 4: He's Back* will be up to par.


*Not actual title ;-p


Singer Barry White dead at 58

This was a big shock. Just a few days ago I was listening to his cd. No more love music from the man. It's a sad day.




For all you desperate souls looking for Stripperella pics, nude or otherwise, I've finally posted one for you. It's fan art by George Webber, so it's not the real thing but is just as good. Like you care who actually draws her. ;-P

He has a lot of other great pinups on his site feverdreams.com. Go check them out.

Presenting: Exotica Jones ---->

Stripperella Pic



Joshua Ellis - Love Songs For Bastards

I wish all cd's were this cheap, this easy to get, and for that matter this good. I hate having to pay $15+ for just a few good songs, and a bunch of shitty ones. With Bitpass you can get the tracks you want and forget the rest. And probably best of all: the creator gets most of the money. Sounds great to me.

Another plus is that the system works for things besides music. For example Scott McClouds new comic The Right Number was released for only 25 cents. A great story, good format, for 25 cents, I'm hooked