A new year; a new beginning. The hope is to muster enough motivation to do something. What exactly, I don't know, but something. I know, I always talk about the same thing, but it's time. I've spent to much time looking into the past and wasting the future. The past is gone, I need to accept that; I need to look ahead and decide what it is I want.

The pressure is building I want to break away
Motivation is lacking the point starts to fade
I look to the bottom still empty still the same
I'm waiting for something to show me the way
To the path that I should take, it's just too real to go ahead and fake
Every step that I make
Name your price I would give anything
I want to start over again
What do I want I have nothing to say
Whatever it is I want it today
Do we choose our own ground Do we choose to stay
Well I've seen too many throw it away

Do I see just one small chance to be myself to try and make it last
Every step that I take

Trapt - New Beginning