New Beginnings

I'm finally moved into the new house. Well, mostly moved in, still have a few boxes of crap left at my sisters, but most of it is probably crap that I'll end up throwing out. I've been a pack rat the last few years and need to shed some of the baggage.

It's going to take some getting used to the new neighborhood. I've been living on the West side for about 4 years now, Spring Valley and Summerlin. The new house is in the North. Technically it's in North Las Vegas by a block, but the area is nice and seems safe. Only real bad thing so far is the long drive to work or anywhere else. I'll get over it though.

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Zombie said...

Welcome to the hood. OK, not really. I live in the Northwest, but I work over here in NLV. Unfortunately, I'm pretty far in and I don't get off until 8p. Oy.