Better Than The Original

Britney Spears vs. Angie Dickinson

The Winner Is

What's up with Angie's ass? Kind of flat looking to me. Better ass and legs on Britney. Even the sweater is better.

Bye the way Britney is angry at Esquire magazine because the pictures they took are 'too naked'. Please Britney, you're wearing a turtleneck for christ's sake, how naked could you possibly be? :P
More pics at their site.


Blank Slate

I haven't had anything to blog about in a long time. I just haven't felt like anything has been worth writing about. I still don't but I'm forcing myself. I think I'll mention the movies I've watched recently:

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
Unfortunately the first time I watched it wasn't as good as it could have been. I was tired when I put it on, and I decided to watch it in Japanese with subtitles instead of in English. Usually subtitles are better than voice overs but I found that not to be true this time. The subtitles were not bad but coupled with my state of mind at the time, I ended up falling asleep during parts of it. The Japanese just lulled me to sleep. So I watched it again with the English voice over and really liked it. I thought the voice over was more natural than the subtitles. This was my first experience with CB and I liked it. I'm interested enough to check out the TV episodes. I liked the music, and the art style. I would have liked a little more sex and violence to go with the R rating and the fact that I'm a pervert but I was let down.
3 out of 5

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
I never saw the original so I can't compare them but I did enjoy this one. It was entertaining, not really scary, kind of gruesome, and it was annoying that, like most horror flicks, it was left open for a sequel. Again I have a complaint of not enough sex. In this genre I expect girls to end up naked and bloody. This one only had the blood. Oh well.
2 out of 5

Kill Bill: Vol 1
I love Quentin Tarantino movies and this one great. I loved the sword fighting, the spraying blood, and the ass kicking. A true homage to kung fu movies. My favorite part was the scene where they tell the origin of O-Ren Ishii by switching to anime. There's things you can show in anime that just wouldn't come across in live action. And a cartoon can be more violent with out people objecting. I mean it's a cartoon. It's for kids. They can't really be violent, right? It was great.
4 out of 5

School of Rock
Cute movie with good message. Funny the first time around.
2 out of 5

The Rundown
Rosario Dawson. mmmm!!! Oh ya, The Rock and Stifler are in it too.
3 out of 5

I can't remember what else I've watched recently. But that's enough for now. Actually this post came out better than I thought it would. Like anyone really cares.