Made it back, safe and sound. Enjoyed the wedding, my first Catholic wedding experience. Different but interesting. The last time I saw my cousin, about a year ago, he was nursing a broken heart. This time, he was getting married. Gave me hope for my self. Love does exist, I just need to find it.

The party afterwards was cool too. Well, what I remember of it. I bought a bottle of tequila, my plan was to drink it all and drink it quick. And I succeeded. And because of that, I don't remember the last part of the party, but I hear I didn't do anything stupid.

But even that wasn't the best part. I met a woman. She's a friend of the family from what I gathered. She's also in her sixties, so no, what you were thinking is not what happened. As I was drinking myself into oblivion, I kept listening to her conversation with some cousins of mine. She was very smart and very interesting. I joined in and we had a very good conversation about current events. After awhile it was just me and her. I don't even know how I brought it up, but I started telling her about what's going on with Kelly and me. I told her everything, all the details, she listened and asked questions, drawing it all out of me. It felt so good telling her. When I was done she talked, she advised me, she consoled me, she really helped me cope with the pain. She gave me a hug, not the kind you give a stranger, but a grandma hugging her grandson type of hug and I hugged back. I needed that so much. I couldn't believe how much better I felt. When she excused herself because of the time, I thanked her and gave her another hug. "You'll be fine," she said as she left, "I can tell."

I finished the rest of my tequila, not to forget, but to remember. I went over the good times, and the bad ones. I'm a better person for having been with Kelly. Between la señora and la tequila I was able to say my goodbyes to Kelly. It still hurts, and probably will for a long time and I may not understand why it happened, but I do understand that it did happen and I can move on.

Gracias por la ayuda Señora.

Goodbye Kelly

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