Breaking the Law

I'm at work at the moment. Probably shouldn't be online since I could get fired, but what the hell. So some updates on my life at the moment:

1. My grandma is finally in the process of buying a house. We tried for this cool condo a couple weeks ago but the deal fell apart. Now we found a house, not a bad one but it's kind of far up north, but oh well. I'll finally be out of my parents house and back on my own. How I miss my solo days. Move in day around April 1st.

2. Bought plane tickets and reserved rooms in Chicago for May 20 - 24, for Neon and I. Our first vacation together. I can't wait. We've both wanted to visit Chicago for a long time, her for the Art Institute and me for the sports and just for the experience. Hopefully I'll get to check out the Cubs while I'm there. Good times coming.

3. Enjoyed Constantine. I agree that a different actor could have put more emotion in to the part compared to what Keaneu(?) did, but overall I liked the movie. I really like movies that revolve around Catholic dogma, demons and angels, and religion in general.

More to come if I can think of any, plus I better get off the net.

I Love The Food Network

I think these were left out of the show that actually aired. Unfortunate, it really is.
I wonder what else she can do in 30 Minutes.



Lady of the Night

Uploaded by neon1.

Strippers taking over Kansas City?
Or art students gone crazy?
Check out Neon's photo's and decide for yourself.


Gmail Invites

Everyone probably has a gmail account who wants one, but I have 50 invites available, if you want one leave a comment and you'll get it.

update: Leave an email or just send me one at *email deleted*


Bye Bye Mapquest

It's time to say goodbye to Mapquest. Google Maps has taken over and they're still in beta. But hell, all the good things these days are in beta. Google wins just because it looks better, and online that's a big deal. It's also quicker to display, it's interactive in that you can drag with your mouse, you don't have to wait for the graphics to load, and searching is easier, one box for everything.

Within 10 years, google will take over the world, mark my words. Not Microsoft, not Walmart, and not Starbucks, google is the one to fear.

Smallville (spoilers)

I caught up on the last couple Smallville episodes today. The episode Unsafe was awesome. Clark Kent runs off to Vegas with Alicia, the hot teleporting chick who tried to kill Lana last year, gets married, and almost loses his virginity in a hotel room that is totally Vegas (leapord skin, white tiger statue, velvet, Elvis singing in the background).

Meanwhile, back in Smallville, Lana decides she wants to lose her virginity but ends up not, so at the end everyone, (except Chloe who I guess had a fling in Metropolis awhile back), is still a virgin. Also, to show her love and loyalty to Clark, Alicia teleports in front of Clark and takes a bullet meant for him. That's love folks. She lives but their relationship will never be the same since she drugged him with red kryptonite and blah blah blah. Plus, unfortunately she dies in the next episode. Too bad, she was a much better girl for Clark than Lois or Lana. Oh well, Clark will lose his virginity some day. Check out these hot lines from the show.

Clark and Alicia about to do it:

Alicia: I want this to last forever.
Clark: I'm not sure that's one of my abilities, but I'll do my best.

Alicia interrupting Clark:

Alicia: It's just...we don't have any kind of commitment or anything
Clark: Oh...baby, no one is more committed to making this happen than me.


Immortal Technique

Go to mperia and check out Immortal Technique. This is hardcore rap, none of that bullshit pop hop on the radio. My ipod needed some new blood and this is perfect. Just check out these lyrics:

Now here's the truth about the system that'll fuck up your mind
They gave Al Queda 6 billion dollars in 1989 to 1992
And now the last chapters of Revelations are coming true
And I know a lot of people find it hard to swallow this
Because subliminal bigotry makes you hate my politics
But you act like America wouldn't destroy two buildings
In a country that was sponsoring bombs dropped on our children
I was watching the Towers, and though I wasn't the closest
I saw them crumble to the Earth like they was full of explosives
And they thought nobody noticed the news report that they did
About the bombs planted on the George Washington bridge
Four Non-Arabs arrested during the emergency
And then it disappeared from the news permanently
They dubbed a tape of Osama, and they said it was proof
"Jealous of our freedom," I can't believe you bought that excuse
Rockin a motherfucking flag don't make you a hero
Word to Ground Zero
The Devil crept into Heaven, God overslept on the 7th
The New World Order was born on September 11

-- Cause of Death - Immortal Technique

Thanks to Zenarchery for giving the heads up on this guy.
I love Jim Mahfood's illustrations:

more at Orange Futon.