Like A Virgin

Britney Spears Kisses Madonna at the MTV VMA's

Wow!!! I was speechless for about ten minutes. Did you see the Fab Five in the audience? Even they got turned on by this. I'd heard the rumors about Britney and Madonna having a performance together but this really surprised me, in a good way. This was definitely the best VMA's in a long time.

Best performance: Duh, look above!
Best joke of the night by Chris Rock had to be the Olsen twins and R Kelly seating arrangment. Chris Rock was excellent as host. He kicked Fallons ass and the Wayans.
Biggest diss: Johnny Cash not winning something better than Best Cinematography in a video. At least male performer over Timberlake.


Cannibal Holocaust----The one that goes all the way!!!!

In 1979,
four documentary filmmakers
dissapeared in the jungles
of South America
while shooting a film
about cannibalism...

Six months later
their footage was found.

I have to get my hands on this. I don't think they actually sell the dvd on the web site but they do have it here, and the price isn't bad at all. I've always thought that The Blair Witch could have been better and I think this movie takes that concept up a level. Actually up quite a few levels. Here's a cool image for you're enjoyment.


Star Wars Kid

I know this is old news to most of you, but I just heard about it. This is hilarious. The remixes are excellent as well. I know the kid is embarrassed but come on, we've all done this. Everyone acts out cool movie actions when they're young. I remember it was kung fu for me after watching Bruce Lee movies. I would run around kicking and jabbing at my sister and I would do flying kicks off the couch. It was great. I wish I had video of myself doing that.

Download Page



I Miss You

I doubt anyone has even noticed that I haven't posted in a long time. I haven't really felt like it. I guess I'm kind of depressed. My best friend has moved to Kansas City to attend art school and I'm left alone here. I've known it was coming since I met her, but it's not easy to spend every day with someone and then you don't see them and only have a telephone and computer to connect each other. I've really been in denial. Whenever I start to think about it my mind automatically switches to something else. I've been doing all the things usually done to escape the real world. Reading, watching movies, playing video games, etc. I know we'll see each other again, still be friends, but getting seperated sucks. We'll be ok. It'll just take some time.

Keep your head up, and so will I.



The Missing Unit

I first saw this on Nooey.

Like I said on his blog, this is seems like it should be impossible. You have four static shapes that form a larger shape. They have a set area and so does the large shape. Yet when you move the smaller one's around and form the same large shape again in a different configuration, it seems you lose a square unit of area, yet none of the static shapes lost any area. If anyone can explain please do.

update: The answer is explained very nicely using flash at this site. The puzzle provided some good brain exercise.


Freshman Girls, Get'm While They're Thin

This is a warning to Kelly who's going off to KCAI in the great state of Missouri. Everyone knows that freshman girls gain weight that first year. It's commonly known as the "freshman 15", 15lbs being around the average weight gain. According to the link above, it's mostly because of dorm food and junk food, but I think we all know it's the beer. Lot's and lot's of beer. So take heed, Kelly, and don't fall into the same trap as other coed's who have gone before you.

Just playin' with you, have a great time in Kansas City, Klyde.



New Layout

I borrowed this new layout from bluerobot. I've been playing around with CSS and I liked the 3 column layout. So in order to learn more about CSS, I've been playing around with their code to see what everything does. As soon as I get some money I'll be getting my domain, and start using movable type instead of blogger. I got a few tips on good hosts that have everything MT needs to work, so that's my next goal. I know a few of the headings are to small, etc, but I don't have time to fix them at the moment. Other than the new layout, I haven't really had anything new to talk about. I'll put up a couple movie impressions sometime tomorrow.

My grandparents are coming into town from Mexico. I haven't seen them in 4-5 years, so it will be an experiance. I'll see how it goes.