Naked By the End of the Song

I knew something was going to happen when Timberlake got to the part in the song about getting naked. Is that a piercing or a pasty? Either way it's the coolest part of a boring Super Bowl.

Janet Jackson with a breast exposed during Super Bowl half time.

Quoting drudgereport.com
Top CBS executives approved a musical skit where Janet Jackson would expose her breast during the MTV-produced Super Bowl half-time concert, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

"The decision to go forward went to the very top of the network," a well-placed source explained from New York.

The groundbreaking scene came during the most-watched television broadcast of the year -- and during the dinner hour for the nation's west coast viewers.

In a press release before Sunday's game, CBS's sister outlet. [VIACOM's] MTV promised "Janet's Shocking Moments."

"I'll get you naked by the end of this song," sang performer Justin Timberlake, moments before he ripped off Jackson's top, exposing a bare breast -- the nipple covered by a tassel.

CBS's main New York switchboard was immediately bombarded with complaints about the stunt, network sources said late Sunday.

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