The Passion

My grandma took my sister and me to watch Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. It's such a harsh movie, so violent it made me turn away several times. The most terrible scene is when the Romans whip Jesus, and the whips tear pieces of his skin away, and the entire time they laugh as they torture him. It's such a moving movie. People cried, gasped, and even whimpered in the audience. Whether you believe or not, this movie is great.

I don't understand all the so called controversy surrounding this movie. They make it sound that after viewing it mobs will rush out of the theater and start hunting Jews. While I agree that by turning Jesus over to the Romans and asking for his death, that small group of Jews are to blame, this happened two thousand years ago. Get over it. And besides, this was supposed to happen. It's the reason Jesus was born. It was God's will. If anyone is to be hated after watching the movie I would say it's those damn Roman bastards. The laughing and extreme beating are so bad, you have to hate them. But we're not going to blame Italy, are we? Actually, don't let Bush see this movie or we may. The whole point of the movie is to love thy enemy and turn the other cheek.

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