Album #6:The Grey Album - Danger Mouse

Track Listing:
01 Public Service Announcement
02 What More Can I Say
03 Encore
04 December 4th
05 99 Problems
06 Dirt Off Your Shoulder
07 Moment of Clarity
08 Change Clothes
09 Allure
10 Justify My Thug
11 Interlude
12 My 1st Song

I've never been a big fan of Jay Z, every now and then one of his songs is enjoyable, but for the most part he's boring. His production is just very predictable and hasn't changed since Big Pimpin. So when I heard about Danger Mouse and his remix using Beatles tracks I wasn't expecting much. But it definitaly made Jay Z twice as good. Don't get me wrong, his voice and lyrics are still boring, but with the cool music production behind him it makes him tolerable. Definitaly a must download. Even if you don't like rap, you should download this because you can. You can download it at illegal-art.org, which up till yesterday was the number 1 result for a Google search on The Grey Album. Seems Google removed them. That's just fucked up. Seems to me 'tha man' is putting him down. Do do your part to fuck the man.

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