Blade Runner - I enjoyed this movie a lot. I love the cyberpunk genre and this really does it justice. I watched the director's cut which, from what I understand, doesn't have the voice-over by Harrison Ford. I understand how voice-overs can hurt a movie by giving up to much information and lowering the intelligence factor of the movie. But there were a few parts were I would have liked a little extra information, whether through a voice-over, or just more character interaction and dialogue.
I liked the way the future was shown, for some reason I'm attracted to the dystopic environment. It's the kind of place a hero could rise to save the people. Though that's not what this story is about. I also saw a lot of religious icons. Doves, and nails though hands being the one's I can recall. I think Edward James Olmos character could have been developed more. At the end I was left wondering about him and what his story is. I only saw it once and definitely need to see it again.

Holes - When this movie first came out I thought it would be stupid and said I would not watch it. I finally did last night and really liked it. Light, funny, fast paced, good use of flashbacks, and an overall cool story. A movie for kids but also entertaining for the older crowd.

Paycheck - Sucked ass. A really cool concept ruined by this movie. Bad acting (I can't believe I ever liked Affleck), bad lines, just overall shit.

Girl with a Pearl Earring
- I loved this movie. The main reason I went to watch this was Scarlett Johansson, whom I love from previous movies, but she didn't quite hit me the same way as before. She does a great job with her part, but the thing I really liked about her other characters is missing from this character. But she is still great and so is the movie. I really liked the idea of trying to guess why and how that painting came around. And because this particular painting is so enigmatic, more so in my mind than The Mona Lisa, you have to wonder about it. I have Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring as my desktop image and I find myself staring at it for periods of time. Just thinking about who she is. The movie does a good job of giving the painting a life.

Eight Legged Freaks
- I really only got this movie because of Scarlett Johansson (again), and because the Blockbuster guy said he liked it and likened it to Mars Attacks which I liked. She didn't have a large part, so she really didn't make or break the movie, so when I say I liked this movie it's not because of her. I liked the special effects, it was funny and entertaining. I wish they'd had the DVD version to watch the special features but the VHS did have deleted scenes after the credits, which was the first time I'd seen that on a VHS. Cool movie.

Barbershop 2: Back in Business - I laughed a lot during this movie, I think more than the first. Good movie with a good message.

The Perfect Score - The final Scarlett Johansson movie for today. This is the kind of character I love her for. Sassy, smart, sarcastic, all things I love in a woman. Funny movie, while not to deep it's still very enjoyable. I like the fact she can do a great movie like Lost in Translation and a total teen movie like The Perfect Score. She did Perfect Score first and it's been shelved for a few years and only released because she's popular in Hollywood right now, but still I liked it.

That's it for today, I think I'll do comics and books tomorrow.

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