Browser Goes Down

So I thought I'd start using a newreader to keep up on blogs and websites. I opted to use newsmonster, and that turned out to be hell. Supposedly it intergrates itself with Firefox which I happen to use instead of IE. I thought cool and installed it. It said to restart the browser so I did. A little java cup icon opened up in my system's tray and that was it. I clicked the Firefox icon again and nothing happened. I restarted my computer and tried opening it again and nothing happened except for that little java cup opening up. So I re-installed Firefox and it opened this time, but it had half the space taken up by newsmonster, which I couldn't close, I couldn't uninstall it. So I ended up just removing Firefox from my computer and installing it fresh. Thank god I had backups of my bookmarks, UI settings, etc. Everything works normal again.

On a lighter note, I really liked my experience with Firefox. Usually when they released a new version, I had problems with the install, nothing big but it wasn't smooth. This time around it was a click click operation. And all my setting migrated over unlike previous times. Two thumbs up for Firefox.

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