WTF Is Wrong With Dennis Miller

I'm watching his new show as I type this, and he's lost it. He really has. He's having a conversation with a chimp right now. He just got done with an interview talking about Iraq, WMD and the lack thereof. The entire interview was him trying to justify the fact that Bush lied. His final word on the subject was 'whenever the Skipper took advice from Gilligan, he got smacked'. ??? What? That's such a stupid thing to say.

Ok let's say Bush decided to go to Iraq based on erroneous information given to him by the CIA. Let's forget Paul O'Neill, ex-treasury secretary, said Bush was looking for a reason to go to Iraq, from the first day in office, and finish what daddy started. Let's forget that President Clinton had the exact same information and didn't invade. We'll forget all that and focus on the fact that the CIA gave Bush the info. Ok, so what? Does that take the blame off of Bush. No. Is the CIA to blame for all the soldiers that get killed everyday in Iraq. No. Bush is to blame. He went to Iraq because he thought it was his manifest destiny, and September 11 just gave him the scared country he could convince and lie to. He lied, it's that simple. Why is it so hard for people to understand that. He lied. Dennis Miller needs to take his head out Bush's ass and realize this.

And before anyone mentions Clinton. Clinton never got anyone killed because of lying. If lying about getting laid led Clinton to an impeachment what will lying about war do for Bush?

Bush must be held accountable for his actions. If his information was wrong, so what. He acted on it and people died and are still dying. The time to go to Iraq was a decade ago. Like Howard Dean said 'The time to stop genocide was while the genocide was going on, not 12 years after' or something to that respect. Most of the mass graves found in Iraq are from a decade ago. He gassed the Kurds a decade ago. He smothered a Shiite rebellion a decade ago. He used chemical weapons a decade ago. Where was daddy Bush then. Probably taking another vacation on his ranch.

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