Shock & Awe

Here's another way of getting around the RIAA. It's from the guys at The Big Hack by way of downhillbattle.org:
A music file, after all, is just a very large number. So if a Metallica song is the number 5, for example, you could break it up into 3 and 2 (3+2=5). But a Madonna song could also be broken up, into 3 and 8, let's say. Since 3 can be a part of both songs, no one can claim a copyright on it, and the same goes for 2, 8, and every other number. Combine uncopyrighted numbers in the right way, and you end up with a copyrighted song.

They are releasing two demo CDs to demonstrate this. The first CD, titled Shock, is already out. Almost makes you think why nobody's thought of this before now.

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