Album #4: God Loves Ugly - Atmosphere

Track Listing:
1. Onemosphere
2. The Bass And The Movement
3. Give Me
4. Fuck You Lucy
5. Hair
6. God Loves Ugly
7. A Song About A Friend
8. Flesh
9. Saves The Day
10. Lovelife
11. Breathing
12. Vampires
13. A Girl Named Hope
14. Godlovesugly Reprise
15. Modern Man's Hustle
16. One of a Kind
17. Blamegame
18. Shrapnel

I know these reviews are starting to get behind a little bit, but I am downloading an album a week. Actually a couple a week, but I pick one and give it extra listening time. It just takes me awhile to put a review up. This week I decided to go for something a lot harder than the last couple. Atmosphere is the kind of rap I love. The fact that they're white has nothing to do with it. I love what they rap about. The themes and subjects of the songs are interesting, I can relate to some of them, I like the flow of the rhymes. But I guess it all comes down to the bass beat. Hip Hop is built around it. It's the beat of the heart. Good Hip Hop has that beat that just makes your body move. I can listen to The Shins or Sigur Ros or similar artists and I just listen, it's antiseptic, it's not an complete experience because my body doesn't get into it. I'm not saying I start dancing like a drunk fool, but I feel it inside, each cell vibrating like a balloon that's to close to a speaker. Not all Hip Hop does this to me, actually lately only a small minority does, but for the most part it my preferred genre.

Now concerning this album. Atmosphere consists of a DJ: Ant and MC: Slug. The beats are great. Ant varies them so they don't get old, he uses different styles and speeds to make them unique. For example Saves The Day has running water and a guitar and A Girl Name Hope sounds like a RZA track with a woman's voice looped in the back and used in the chorus.

Now the lyrics are beautiful. Slug has a very distinct voice and his lyrics are very deep. It sounds cheesy but you can feel his pain. He talks about some of the same things Eminem does, but Slug is more real. He doesn't do it to shock people, just inform them.

#12 Vampires
she lurks in the alleys, with a wrong reality
allegiance, and honor, keep it all in the family
consumes the young, the blind, deaf, and the dumb
drains the vein, and puts them under the thumb
she's on the television, celebrate the status quo
energy to push mute on the remote control
break the beat, shatter the measures into pieces
all i've left is the breath, and the world i've put to pieces
it's difficult, to figure out who to fear, gettin older by the minute, younger by the year
will the hunger disappear, metabolism slow, world domination is the goal
now let's gather the kids, and take em out to the styx, teach em all how to live
come, take my hand and walk with me, before the vampires lock down the twin cities

this world is a vampire, she eats her kids, let's hide the bodies under the bridge
this world is a vampire, she eats her kids, let's hide the bodies under the bridge
this country's is a vampire, she eats her kids, let's hide the bodies under the bridge
this city's is a vampire, she eats her kids, let's hide the bodies under the bridge

#6 God Love Ugly
i wear my scars like the rings on a pimp
i live life like the captain of a sinking ship
the one thing that i can guarantee
i'm like a stepping razor, i suggest you stay fair with me
been payin dues for a decade plus,
before that i was just another face on the bus
tappin my foot, to the beat on the radio
dreamin 'bout the mic and the money and the ladies
oh mom, i promise im gonna be large
someday im gonna stop tryin to borrow your car
gonna go far, with charisma and skill
until they put my face on a million dollar bill

My favorite track, because of the subject is #4 Fuck You Lucy

she said that she still wants a friendship
she cant live her life without me as a friend
i cant figure out why i'd give a damn to what she wants
i dont understand the now before the then

Fuck the what happend
i got stuck
they can peel pieces of me off the grill of her truck
used to walk with luck
used to hold her hand
fell behind and played the role of a slower man
i wanna stand on top of this mountain and yell
i wanna wake up and break up this lake of hell
I feel like a bitch for letting the sheet twist me up
the last star fighter is wounded time to give it up
on a pick it up mission
kept it bitter
getting in a million memories just to forget her
the difficulty in keeping emotions controlled
cookies for the road
took me by the soul
hunger for the drama
hunger for the nurture
gonna take it further
the hurt feels like murder
the eyes
read the lines on her face
the sunshine is fake
how much time did i waste?
Fuck you lucy for leaving me
Fuck you lucy for not needin me
I wanna say fuck you
because i still love you
no, im not ok
and i dont know what to do

Best burn so far. And coincidently, this album is not RIAA affiliated. Just a happy accident. Actually our of the four albums I've reviewed, two are safe and two are not. The Shins being the other safe one. Well that's it for this post.

UPDATE: I took the download off so as not to go over on my limit. You can find it on any P2P network and that goes for the entire album. I myself used Soulseek.

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