The Rogue Nation of Teq

Here's another game I play online. In this one you make up your own country, with it's own motto, currency, and animal. Then you fill out a form with different questions, this gives your countries original stand on issues. Then you get a different issue every day, and depending on what you do, your countries law's change. So you could make a country that is a dictatorship or a hippie haven. It's not the greatest action game ever, but it's fun. It's all based on the book Jennifer Government by Max Berry about a future where corporations are the nations. I haven't read it yet but it's on my list.

My country.

UPDATE:I've now moved to Urbanites. I probably won't take leadership of this region but it's funner with more people. You can move there by clicking on your current region, probably in the Pacific, and then clicking the move to a new region link.

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