Just got back from lunch. I had a great buzz, but walking into this building killed it. It's kind of sad, getting a buzz from one margarita, even if it was a big ass margarita.

I started thinking during lunch, while talking to Cheetah, I need to get the fuck out of Dodge for a bit. Preferably somewhere cool, in the 80's at most. Seattle maybe or Portland. I have credit with Southwest, so my plane ticket is taken care of, I just need a place to stay. I could still go to Chicago I guess, but that would really be depressing alone. I'll probably go alone, that way I don't have to make plans around someone else's schedule. I just take off and stay as long as I like. No worries that someone will cancel at the last minute. Maybe I'll do it as soon as my legs healed up to the point it doesn't bleed constantly.

Wherever I go should be fine, I just need to get out of Vegas for a few days. Somewhere I can think about things from a new perspective. Every year this happens, when it starts to get hot and I start to feel claustrophobic. Last couple of years Kansas City has been my release, now I need a new one.

Tentative list of possible cities:
San Francisco
Austin (probably too hot)

Something to ponder.

Buzz now completely gone.

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