1:15 Here's a cyberpunk character I came up with today for a rpg my friends and I are starting. She's a human crossed with a cheetah. Yes, I am a nerd. This is what I have so far:
Long blonde hair with black dreads woven into it. Cat ears visible coming out of hair. Very soft fur, like peach fuzz, covers her arms, legs, and back leaving her chest, face, palms and bottom of feet bare. Fur has a barely visible cheetah pattern to it. A long cat tail starts where the spine ends. Retractable 2 inch claws on both hands and toes. Knee high black leather boots with a 3 inch heel and silver finishings. Thigh high black fish net stockings with garters. Extremely short black leather skirt with silver belt. Black schoolgirl gauntlets with silver lining. Black leather bra with silver clasps and a black fish net top. She's been bred for pleasure. She's a nympho.

I based the look off of this pic of Christina Aguilera:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
God that's a perfect ass!