It's midnight, I just got out of bed after laying there for five minutes. Kelsey just left, about 20 minutes ago. We went bowling with Nick earlier today, I kicked their ass :) After that we got some Wendy's and came home. We watched Primer which left both of us a little confused at the end. Maybe more than a little. It's a time travel movie, and if you don't follow along you're fucked. I'll have to watch it a second time but I still recommend it.

Other than the four hours I spent with Kelsey, that's all I did today. I watched about four hours of tivo'd crap that had been sitting there, and I still have about ten more hours to get through. I spent about two hours cleaning the kitchen. It's livable again. Made some sun tea, that was good, in fact I think I'll go get a glass right now.


ok, I'm back.

I spent another several hours online. I downloaded the new Gorillaz album, it's ok I guess. I added some pictures to myspace, that took about ten minutes, you can go check it out here. Also while you're there, check out this girls new tattoo. I wish I'd thought of it first. It's from my favorite Atmosphere song, Fuck You Lucy.
I got an idea
you should get a tattoo that says warning
that's all, just a warning
so the potential victim
can take a left and safe breath
and avoid you
sober and upset in the morning

When the whole thing with Kelly happened, I wanted to get that tattoo, I just never thought about the inside of my lip, too bad.

Well, Cheetah is Idaho, visiting family and friends. Not really happy about it. I was supposed to go originally, but then I broke up with her. Which is funny because we're closer now than when we were boyfriend/girlfriend. But she did make it a point of reminding me that we are not 'together' right before leaving, so you know how that went down with me. Plus alcohol and your ex isn't a good mixture. Anyways, she didn't even call me today, which really pissed me off. Well she did call, right before I sat down to type this, but by that time it was too late. If you're going to call me don't wait till the day is over. Michelle used to do that. Anyways, whatever.

This is some damn good tea.

It's 12:25am now, still not tired. The sugar in the tea probably won't help.

12:30 now, this Gorillaz album is kind of boring. I need new music.

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