I just had a phone call from a guy in Marion, Alabama. Now that was a trip. First he's bitching about how expensive HD equipment is. After that he starts talking about the black people in Alabama, and how he's a minority there. "But they don't fuck with me," he said. "I've been carrying a concealed weapon since I was 21. I don't go nowhere without one of my glocks. They're all felons but I have a 30 shot clip and I'm ready whenever they are. Let's get it on!"

He also bitched about the girl he talk to before me. He said he almost called her the two words they hate the most. He then proceeded to tell me those two words. Cunt and twat. Funny guy.

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Editor - 201k.com said...

Hey man, re your post of 9.27.2003, I did the song "I'm Praying for Geirge Bush to die". Nice to see you appreciated it. Did I read your post wrong, or did the Insane Clown Posse cover it?

In any event, the line you couldn't hear was "I'll pray to Mad Tom instead".