I thought about taking the long way home tonight, but my gas tank is nearing empty. Almost did it anyways though, I needed some time to cruise. So I rolled down my windows, turned off the radio and just listened to the city. Then I started sticking to the seat. It's after midnight in Las Vegas, and it's still around 100 degrees. Can't really enjoy a solitaire drive through the city when your shirt starts sticking to your back and your balls start leaving spots on your seat. So up went the windows and on went the AC.

It's been like a roller coaster lately, emotionally. Once second I'll be happy, top of the world, then I'm like 'wtf?' Nothing is going the way I want it to. Things seem to be going great then it feels like they're falling apart, then it's back to being great. And I'm not talking about any one thing, everything in general is about the same. Money, love life, work, friends, all up and down. But like a roller coaster, you never really get anywhere, you might go up and then you'll go down, but in the end, you're back where you started. The story of my life really, always break even. In a town like Las Vegas, breaking even might be the best there is. Can't complain about that though.

Anyways, I've got better things to do than bitch, even though I'm so good at it. I got a couple cold bottles of beer in the fridge, my brand new Harry Potter book is sitting in my room, and I think it's time I went and got lost for a minute.



Anonymous said...

Sorry your life sux..At least I'm not alone...Welcome to the club of the roller coaster life style..


Freon said...

I'm not only a member, I'm the president.

Anonymous said...

Well you see...You are at least on a roller coaster I and only on a toy train that still does go round and round but only has mild ups nothing like a roller coaster where it feels as though u were on top of the world..Oh yeah Posted in My Melo

Kelly said...

I love your cartoon, it reminds me of you constantly blogging....man that was a good laugh.