Thanks for your comments on the previous post. I've hidden them since they got a little too personal and off topic. I will continue to post because she hasn't really told me to stop and because it's therapeutic.

Back by popular demand, the next installment in The New Adventures of Freon: Freon Goes on Safari!

So I met my next door neighbor a couple nights ago. Very interesting to say the least. Hot Hispanic girl, single, and has one little girl (who happens to have the same name as me, anyways). I guess I'll call her Tigress, because Cheetah's are not scared of much except for the larger cats, and I think Cheetah was scared. As soon as Tigress stepped into the room, both Cheetah and her friend stepped the fuck back. They backed into their corner and just watched from there. Tigress looked around, like a Queen surveying her newly conquered land, and said to me, "That's, the competition?" (big pause after that's). Tigress knows what she wants, and from looks of things, she gets what she wants.

Earlier we went to a bar to meet some of my friends. Cheetah didn't even talk to me, and barely acknowledged me. So that pissed me off. She'd said that in public she couldn't show affection but I wasn't asking for affection, just attention. I was invisible. So I was mad. When we got home, we were sitting in front of my house drinking in the back of the truck when Tigress came home. She introduced herself to us, and called me an asshole for not coming over to say hi to her a few days earlier. She then invited us over to her house, so the guys went over, the girls said we'll be over in a minute and never did come over. We talked with Tigress for a bit then walked over to my house to get more drinks. That's when she said the competition statement.

Now Cheetah was ignoring me even more. She felt threatened by Tigress and probably had reason to be. We sat outside together and talked. Cheetah sat on the other side of the backyard and talked shit to Tech about me. And then Tigress starts talking about how much she likes me and wants to get to know me better. We go inside and sit on the couch and then we end up making out. She does a hot little lap dance for me, with Tim watching. I felt bad that Cheetah could see this through the kitchen door, but I felt it was well deserved.

Later I walked Tigress to her house and said goodnight. Then I sat in my truck bed alone for a bit, thinking about things. I ended up texting Cheetah and she came out to talk to me. We had a good conversation. In the end we decided we would try a relationship. Probably not the best way to start a relationship, and having a girl next door won't make it any easier, but that's life.

On another note, my roommate had his nipples pierced last night with safety pins disinfected in Bacardi 151. Cheetah did the honors. It looked painful as fuck. He already took one out because it was crooked. Anyone want to bet on how long it takes to get infected?

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Grey Lotus said...

yeah...I'm so not drinking for awhile after getting that done...

Anonymous said...

It was an ok night..As always I have still yet to be scene drunk..LoL..All that I'm around for is mediation but oh well some body has to play the role I guess..


Freon said...

scene drunk???

I ain't scene nobody drunk in a long time.

LOL, The Mediator.

myrtle said...

do you see how good it feels just to say what you feel and not censor yourself out? hey dude that looks painful!!

Grey Lotus said...

yeah its a bit painful but oh well...prolly looked more painful then it feels. As for the "scene drunk" comment...Tech...dude...no one has ever said you shouldnt get drunk..you just dont...thats your fault not ours lol.

Freon said...

I was making fun of his spelling of scene instead of seen. I've seen him drunk before, it's funny as hell.

Grey Lotus said...

yeah his spelling is super hehe. Yeah dont let him lie he's been drunk over here before. He just doesnt realize he doesnt have to lie to kick it.