All I wanted tonight, was a dark, quiet bar with no video poker, does that fucking exist in this town. Could I just sit at the bar and stare into my drink with out having fucking flashing lights and shit in my face? Anyone? Ideas please cuz this bullshit. Look at this picture, it's so fucking bright and happy in there, fuck, how are you supposed to get your drink on?

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Then it only get's worse. So I only had one beer there and then left. Tipped big, just in case I come back when I'm in a happy mood. Went to Smith's to buy some cheap cigars, some chips for the salsa at home, and a cheap lawn chair. The fucking cigars are locked up. It's fucking North Las Vegas, how can the fucking cigars be locked up? And then he says I have to go outside, get the chair and bring it back in. Fuck you asshole. So all I got were chips for the salsa. Now I have to drive inebriated to the nearest gas station for some fucking cigars, so I can fucking get drunk in the darkness which is my back yard sitting on my ass with a cheap ass cigar in my mouth eating some damn good chips and salsa. Fuck. Fuck.

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Kelly said...

I know thw world seems like one big vortex right now, but dont forget the others around you.