my dad says ur not strong in the church cuz u cant commit and how u gonna have faith and trust in me when u cant have proof i not cheating

I received this text message yesterday from Cheetah. Her father is a bishop in the LDS church, which happens to be the church I attended as a child. Since then I've totally rejected it and all religion on the basis that they're all hypocrites. I do like religion though as a subject matter and it's fun to argue about it. So I asked her pops a few questions, you know, the kind that can't really be answered. And I got the answers I expected. You have to have faith. To which I say, sorry but that's not good enough, I need proof.

Then he hits me with that text message. Not really on the same level is it? I don't know which one is easier, believing in an all powerful God who created us in his image, or that my girl won't cheat on me? Just gave me something to think about. Ponder, if you will.


LonelyGirl said...

you know i believe that in all relationships if you dont have trust then you dont really have a relationship. Know what i mean? Cause honestly is that's what a relationship is based on? TRUST... Well you can still have a girlfriend with out a relationship. So, if you dont trust her, then maybe shes just your girlfriend not your lover..get what i mean? Now, ponder that. Just Cause the guy is a bishop doesnt make him Gods answer to all problems, i dont think that religion has anything to do with love... its all about the heart..

Freon said...

I trust her, I have no reason not to. It's hard. Hard to trust any girl. But I can't go the rest of my life alone right? I need to trust to be happy, so that's what I do, and hope she doesn't give me a reason to doubt her.