Here's a pic of the car I'm thinkin of getting. 2005 Chevy Aveo. I'm not sure if what color I'll go with yet, maybe black.

**update** I just noticed I left the g of of thinking. Wow. I mean, that's how I say it but I'm usually good at spelling. Spellin?

**update again** As I've been typing email's today, I've discovered the problem. the letter g on this remote isn't working the way it should. You have to press harder than any of the other keys. Piece of shit.


Anonymous said...

Nice Mini-Mini Van J/K Nice Car..Guess what I'm doding...I'm baking cookies..Anyway Thanx for hangin out this week had fun..talk to you later man..

I know that you don't care said...

that is the ugliest car i've seen in awhile.

Freon said...

That's pretty a cold statement girl.

I know that you don't care said...

Just my opinion.