So, we're having another party this weekend, I just found out yesterday. My roommate found out about the same time, that's how plugged in we are. I guess Cheetah talked to us about it a few days prior but neither one of us remembered. So yeah, party at my house Saturday.

So Cheetah and I've been seeing each other a bit. She's stayed over a few times. Usually we just talk and go to sleep but we've had sex as well. So I guess she's not a lesbian. At first I got way caught up in it, I wanted her to be my girlfriend or something serious. I was annoyed she didn't want to show interest in me in public. So we talked about it and I agreed with her, we don't know each other yet. Drunk sex does not equal a relationship. So I've stepped back and what ever happens happens. Which brings me to my new conundrum.

I've always noticed that you can be without a girl for any period of time. You spend this time wishing you had a girl. Then, as soon as you do find a girl who shows interest and you hit it off with her, another girl steps into the picture. You go from zero girls to too many girls. Now I'm just going off of Tim's word on this, but I have no reason to doubt him. Another girl at work is showing interest. We'll go ahead and call her Snow Fox, yeah that's a good one.

The problem is Tim invited Snow Fox to the party, and Cheetah is throwing the party. Now Snow Fox might not even show, or she may not really be that interested, but if she does, how do I play it. Return any interest she shows me or ignore her. I know Cheetah won't be showing interest in me, at least not until the after party when we're alone, but if I show interest in Snow Fox there may not be an after party.

I don't think I've ever gotten with a girl that another girl didn't pop into the picture right away. I actually think I enjoy this problem way to much. Oh well, I'll adapt to whatever happens.


Kelly said...

yeah this hurts to much.

I know that you don't care said...

I'm going through the same thing....I like it way too much too. Its nice to have two people want you.

Freon said...

It's nice, but it's not right when you lead them both on. I love my ego getting stroked but I do feel bad about it.