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It seems that Yahoo mail is getting worried about the still in beta Gmail. I only check it about once a week to read some comic strips that get delivered there. When I logged into it today I recieved the following message:

Thanks for being a loyal Yahoo! Mail user. To ensure that Yahoo! Mail continues to be the easiest, most enjoyable way for you to stay in touch, we've made several great improvements to your service! In addition to all the features you currently enjoy, we've made these upgrades:

* Streamlined interface
Makes using your mail even easier
* 100MB of email storage
Keep more of the things that are important to you – without worrying about bumping up against your storage limit.
* Message size up to 10MB
Send monster-sized files – photos, presentations, whatever!

So thanks again for choosing Yahoo! Mail to keep in touch, and we hope you enjoy the additional services now at your fingertips. For more information, please visit our Help page.

I don't like their 'streamlined interface', the font bothers me and it doesn't really affect the ease of using the system.

Also 100mb isn't much compared to 1000mb. It's much better than the 6mb they used to offer. And allowing message sizes of 10mb is a good move too. But none of this really makes it compete with Gmail. A good try but not enough. Expect Hotmail to make some moves soon.

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