Free Comic Book Day

I love comic books. I wish I had the money to buy all my favorites, but I have a shitty job and have had to stop for the foreseeable future. So I live for days like this one. Free, as in no money needed, comic books. Damn right I'll be there. This is the third year they've had this promotion and I enjoyed it very much last year. I drove all over town to try and get all the comics that were being offered. Infact, I probably spent more on gas than the books were worth. Oh well, it was fun. Here are some of my favorite shops in Las Vegas:

Velvet Underground Comics
4241 West Charleston Blvd. Suite H

The owner, Steve, is a great guy. He sells his books with no tax and 10% off if you join the club, so that alone makes it the best deal in town. He has a very cool shop, which he's been expanding recently. He has all the mainstream books, a large adult comic section, tons of back issues, busts and toys. If he doesn't have it he can get it for you. I do wish he had a larger independent section. He gets his books on Friday not Wednesday. Stupid home page.

Alternate Reality Comics
(702) 736-3673

First comic shop I went to here in Vegas. Ralph, the owner, knows his comics. He gives great recommendations and always has great books spotlighted. He has a large independent (alternative) books section incase your not into the superhero books. He also has a good manga selection. Last year he had Steve Grant (I think) signing books on Free Comic Book Day, so he'll probably have someone this year. His web page is no more unfortunately.

Those are the only two I support. Kool Kollectables (on Charleston) is another shop with an ok selection but the owner is a bastard. Don't you dare touch his books cuz he'll bite you. There's one small shop near the Latino Cinema over on E. Trop which was nice but it's very small. There's also a new 'Mega' store behind the Borders at the corner of Sahara and Decatur. I haven't had a chance to visit it but I've seen the ads. For more stores look in the yellow pages and call before you go because they seem to move a lot, bastards.

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