La Muerte de un Toro

This was one of the most terrible things I've been witness to. Bullfighting is a big tradition in Mexican and Spanish culture. This was my first time seeing one live. I expected a fight between a man and a bull. A fight between man and beast. Instead, what I got was the slaughtering of a bull. He never had a chance. I knew the the outcome was in the man's favor, but I expected the bull to have a shot at it. But after about five minutes of the matador, and his three assistants, running from the bull a heavily armored horse came out. The rider carried a spear. The bull charged the horse and the rider drove the spear into the bull's back. The blood poured from the wound. The crowd, mostly American, had been cheering and yelling ole. When they saw the blood a silence set in and lasted to the last second. The bull started having trouble breathing and moving. The next 15 minutes were the matador putting on a show. And when it came down to driving the sword into the bulls spine, it took the idiot four tries. The crowd watched in silence as the bull fell and twitched on the ground, blood oozing out his nose. Nobody clapped.
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