Gmail Invites

I have three more invites to give out for Gmail. If any of you who read this would like one just let me know, first come first serve. I gave out three already on gmailswap and got a couple mixed cds, a zine and some stickers. Not bad if you think about it. But you lucky souls will get it for nothing. Of course if I get no requests in the next few days then I'll just use gmailswap again.

If you haven't tried it, Gmail is great. The best by far. It catches most spam, has a great search feature, tons of room (I'm barely at 1mb, but the best thing has to be the conversations feature. It groups all the replys to and from a person in the same window so you don't have to go all over the place to see what they said before. I have about 150 emails but have no problem keeping them organized with labels instead of folders. It's wonderful. So hit me up if you want an invite.

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