Lemme Finish

This may be old news but it's new to me. Yesterday Dubya got interviewed for Irish television by Carole Coleman. She stuck it to him good. She'd ask a hard question and he'd start to answer it with what seemed like pre-written responses that were off topic. So she'd interrupt to get him back to the issue and Bush would get mad and scowl. "Lemme finish, may I finish. You ask the questions and I'll answer them if you don't mind." I do mind asshole. Don't run around the questions. And if you didn't pause so much when you spoke people wouldn't think you were done with your response. Good job Carole.

"What they should be angry about is the fact that there was a brutal dictator that had destroyed lives, put them in mass graves and had torture rooms." -- George W. Bush

So the brutal dictator has been replaced by an occupying force who happens to use individual graves while destroying lives and still using torture rooms.

Watch Interview (real audio unfortunately.) Article

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