Pops Back Into Reality

Well I´m still alive incase anyone was wondering. My little trip didn´t go as planned. What was supposed to be a cultural event turned into a spring break alcoholic binge. Well maybe not that bad, but I have consumed frat-party-like amounts of beer. Well my cousin, who was to be my traveling companion, ended up not having the money. I planned on going by myself, but waited around a few days to see if his clients would pay up, but they didn´t, and decided there was a lot about Chihuahua I could learn and see.

We went to some caverns that are right outside the city. It´s about an hours walk and kind of small compared to others but I found the extremely cool. It was my first time seeing anything like this. Here´s a great page with pics of a lot of the things I visited. I´ll post some of my own pics once I get back home, hopefully in a couple days.

I remember the visit to the Cathedral. I´m not a very religous person, I like religion more for it´s stories than it´s beliefs. But walking inside that Cathedral was definitaly and experience. Something about the place put me in awe. People who wouldn´t mix on the outside were praying side by side. Hypocritical in a way but still a sight to see. Almost made me feel like there might be something to those stories. Angels and demons, an angry yet merciful God, resurrections, floods and pillars of salt. Might not be elves and orcs but it´s pretty damn close.

I don´t go out a lot in Vegas, but I like the feeling that if I need to do something at 3am chances are I can. Here everything closes down at 2am. A few eateries are open past that maybe till 4 if your lucky but that´s it. The sale of alcohol in stores is over at 9pm. So in other words you buy your beer early, which means you start drinking early. Well maybe that´s not so bad.

Well that´s it for now, I ´ll think of more to write later.

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