Big Brother

I listen to Howard Stern whenever I'm up at that time and driving, which is hardly ever, but I try. I enjoy the show, usually. I laugh out loud, I'm disgusted, I'm informed, I'm insulted, but I listen voluntarily. If I don't want to listen I change the station. Nobody forces me to listen.

I don't understand why people are allowing this administration and the FCC to dictate what we can listen to. What we can enjoy. Who gets hurt by Howard Stern's show? The children? Fuck the children. If you need the government to dictate what your children are allowed to see or listen to, you shouldn't be allowed to have children.

Now Clear Channel has completely pulled Stern from their lineup after the FCC proposed a large fine against them and even the possibility of revoking their license. All because Stern and friends were talking about sexual acts. The same way that a recent Oprah show talked about sexual acts. Yet Oprah faces no fines. Either one for all or none at all.

Feel free to write a letter to the FCC:

Federal Communications Building
445 12th St, SW
Washington, DC 20554

Or file a complaint online.

Check out the Stern and Oprah transcripts here.

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