Phish Heads Unite

I went to the Phish concert Friday night. Actually I went to the parking lot outside a Phish concert. Corpus invited me. I'd never listened to Phish but I thought I knew what to expect. A bunch of hippies getting high. It was actually a lot cooler than that. Sure there were a lot of hippies getting high, but there was a pattern to the chaos. There were street vendors selling food, clothes, jewelry, crystals, and art. It was a little city. It really made me wonder, how good can this band really be to cause this? To have people travel from city to city following them, not even getting into the actual concert but hanging out in parking lots. I've downloaded some Phish music since then, and I like it, it's something I'll give a listen to every now and then, but I'm not packing my bags and dreading my hair any time soon.

Two scenarios popped into my head:

#1: Dude puts on a CD belonging to some new band he's heard about, Phish. Halfway through the CD he's in love. He decides he has to follow them around the country. They are the greatest thing on Earth. All praise be....

#2: Group of dudes sitting around smoking weed. Someone puts on a Phish CD. As they get high and the music plays in the background, someone mentions that they heard that you can get bomb ass weed at a Phish concert. Really? Well fuck it. Let's go. Ok. Today. Ya, no. Well let's finish this bag first. Ya man. Huhahah. We're going to get good shit. Dude....

I don't mean to totally slam the culture. I found it very interesting from a scientific angle. My point was just that I didn't believe the music was really what all these people were here for. Maybe at the beginning the music was first. But at some point the drugs had to take over. Every person we walked by offered us nuggets, Molly, chocolates, etc. Nobody offered me a rare Phish CD with unreleased material and a cool sticker. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Favortie Phish song to date: (not being facetious, I do like it)
Their cover of Snoop Doggy Dogg's Gin and Juice. They sing it like it was a country song. Their voice is all twangy and tamborines and banjo strumming along. It's fucking cool. One of the best covers I've ever heard. Listen to it here. I'll only keep it up a few days.

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