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I haven't posted any downloaded album reviews in a long time, but I have been downloading this whole time. The following are some of the most recent ones that I first heard about on my trip to Mexico.

Album #7: Cartel de Santa - Cartel de Santa
Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Todas Mueren Por Mi
3. Asesino de Acesinos
4. Cannabis
6. Rima 1
7. Barreros
8. Perros
9. Quinto Elemento
10. Rima 2
11. NTN
12. Pelotona
13. Rima 3
14. Super MC's
15. Mi Ciudad
16. Para Aqui O Para Llevar
17. Ehinya a los Racistas
18. Rima 4
19. Intenta Rimar

The Cartel doesn't bring anything new to Hip Hop, they do nothing that can be considered new. But what they do do they does extremely well. Every song has the potential to be a hit single. Babo has a strong voice, great delivery,great rhymes, and a large vocabulary, DJ Agustin has tight production, and good beats. They have songs covering the spectrum, from Mi Ciudad where he talks about boys growing up in the streets and becoming criminals, Todas Mueren Por Mi which is about his skills with the opposite sex and Pelotona where he talks to the love he lost:

Cuando estoy contigo cada dia es alegria
Pero lejos de ti me sumerjo en la agonia
Del recuerdo de tus besos y el sabor de tu saliva
Despierto en las madrugadas y abrazo una pinche almohada
Deseando fueras tu la que comparte mi cama

When I'm with you every day is full of joy
But when you're away I'm submerged in agony
The memories of your kisses and the taste of your saliva
Wake me up in the morning and I hug a fucking pillow
Wishing it was you that shared my bed
(translated by Freon)

Album #8: Sonador - Adan Sanchez
Track Listing:
1. Deja Que Salga la Luna
2. Estrella en Tus Ojos
3. Me Canse de Morir Por Tu Amor
4. Arriba Chalino Sanchez
5. Sonador
6. Que Platicaremos los Dos
7. Pero No Se
8. Paloma Negra
9. Y Dicen
10. Corrido de Lucio Vazquez
11. Desde Que Te Perdi
12. Te Necesito Junto a Mi

Adan just passed away recently at the age of 19. He rolled his car in the same Mexican state where his father was executed approximately 12 years ago. I probably wouldn't have listened to him if this hadn't happened. But a cousin of mine was into this kind of music so I gave it a go.
I'm not a fan of banda music but I do love Adan's lyrics. His love ballads are great. Simple but still very effective. Drinking music in my mind. You sit there with a bottle of Tequila and sing and cry. He does a great job of making your heart feel the pain.
The Corrido de Lucio Vazquez is a very old song that's been covered by almost everyone. Adan's version is ok. I preffer the ranchera version or maybe norteno.

Desde Que Te Perdi
Preguntale a la noche si soy de ti
Pues ella me ha visto llorar sin ti
Gritar tu nombre a cielo habierto
Y morir poco a poco
Desde que te perdi

Ask the night if I'm yours
Because she's seen me cry with out you
Yell out your name to the heavens above
And die little by little
Since I lost you.
(translated by Freon)

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