Bad News Hughes

Here's a really funny blog: Bad News Hughes. I've been reading it off and on and finally added it to my links. Be sure to work your way through his archives, he has some great stuff in there and some excellent advice.
For a supposedly straight guy, I sure have spent a lot of time in gay bars....

...I’ve also hooked up with what I’m reasonably sure were attractive girls at gay bars pretty often, for me anyway. One time, while still in high school, I was drunk and leaning against the dumpster in the parking lot of an infamous bar on the outskirts of town called My Friend’s Place and making out with a totally hot punk-rock college chick. She was super nice, had bought me a bunch of drinks and even kept making out with me after I turned and ralphed into the dumpster a couple of times, causing one patron walking by to clap his hands and gleefully dub us "Gainesville’s version of Sid and Nancy."

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