Kill Bill 2

Just finished watching this movie. I've only seen one Sergio Leone movie - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - but I can tell Tarantino is a huge fan. I mainly noticed it in the music. A lot of voices and strings with a western feel. It really helps to build up the tension. Tarantino also used the extreme close-ups of the actors eyes like Leone did. He also borrowed a lot from Asian film but nothing that I would recognize. I need to watch a lot more.

Overall I enjoyed the movie. A lot less violent but more of a back story.

Before the movie I noticed a trailer for Hero with Jet Li. That was an excellent movie which I own. The trailer looks great but ruins the movie in my eyes. It gives away too much information. If I had seen that trailer before watching the movie I would not have been surprised. This happens way to much these days. Trailers give you the entire movie instead of just a tease. For example I knew, from watching the Sixth Sense trailer, the Willis was dead. I knew who the bad guy in Taking Lives was, from the trailer. Trailers take all the fun out of movies for me. Oh ya, if you haven't seen The Sixth Sense, too bad, you shouldn't have waited so long.

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