First Couple Days

I took a bus from Las Vegas to El Paso and then from there to Chihuahua. Both buses where packed full of people, and the person in front of me had to put their seat back. I have long legs, and they´re just not built to be packed into a bus. I´ve never had a good bus ride since around High School. I tried to play Gameboy on the rides but couldn´t concentrate. Same with reading, and sleeping was out of the question. I left at 7pm Vegas time and arrived in Chihuahua at 3 local time. That´s about 19 hrs of hell.

hell & boredom: 2 cultural: 0 fun : 0

Once here, my cousin Ali picked me up and we were of to make all the obligatory hello´s to family members.

hell & boredom: 3 cultural: 0 fun : 0

We then went to his workplace so he could finish some things up for the day. He works on computers and had some repairs or installations he had to do. This is also boring shit for me. I´m on vacation, the last thing I want to see is someone installing Windows XP in Spanish, not that English is any more exciting. After this we had some great tortas from a street vendor and a Coke which I made sure was in a glass bottle. It´s getting harder and harder to fing glass bottles in Mexico as plastic is quickly becoming the number one choice. I enjoy drinking from the glass bottle for some reason. Always have. At dinner, as a child, everyone would pour their Coke into a glass, but not me. I could barely hold the bottle but I still would use it. Bottle, can, plastic is the order I prefer for Coke.

hell & boredom: 5 cultural: 1 fun : 1

By this time I was so tired from the bus ride I decided I would take a nap before going out. I laid down for about 10 minutes and Ali came in and said he´d just talked to some girls and we had to meet them in an hour. Great. So I showered and got dressed and drank a couple Red Bulls. I felt better but had a small headache. We picked up the girls and went to my cousins´old house which is empty while they remodel. We drank beer and sat around and chatted. I got in an argument with one girl about what the capital of Guanajuato is. She says it´s the City of Guanajuato and I said it was Leon. I swear I´d read somewhere that Leon was but I was wrong. Still had fun though. It was also raining so hard. Just running from the house to the car we were soaked. In Vegas it would have been a definate flood.

hell & boredom: 5 cultural: 2 fun : 5

Today Ali had some more work to finish up. This should be the last of it so we can get down to the business of slacking and vacationing. We drove the the city of Camargo about 2 hours from here. The countryside was nice but it really isn´t that great of a drive. I saw a huge sculpture calle La Puerta de Chihuahua, at the outskirts of Chihuahua. It was cool looking but I wasn´t overly impressed.

hell & boredom: 6 cultural: 3 fun : 6

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