The Las Vegas Heat!?

I was reading the Chicago Tribune (online) and I came upon this little tidbit buried within an article on the Shaq trade to Miami.
The Heat has been in financial difficulty in recent years. It's also the only NBA team that has hidden its balcony behind a curtain because of empty seats. Fortunes improved during Miami's exciting playoff run, but rumors remain that the franchise is one of most likely to be sold.

The Las Vegas Heat?

That's a name that fits the move.

South Florida isn't the greatest place for an NBA franchise. Pro basketball never has been big there. Even the old ABA bailed out after a short stay. It has been a struggle for the Heat, which already is playing in its second new arena since joining the NBA in 1988 and historically ranks among the lowest in average attendance.

With the lure of Las Vegas, O'Neal and Dwyane Wade in Heat uniforms, and Jordan in an ownership position, it would be no problem for him to put together a major ownership group. Jordan would have a chance to run the first major-league sports franchise in Las Vegas. And what a draw that would be for players.

Ooh wee! The Las Vegas Heat! Has a nice ring to it doesn't it? I would be in heaven if this happened. All the talk is about the Expos maybe coming to town (haven't heard yes or no yet) but come on, that's baseball. Baseball just doesn't have the excitement that basketball does. I would enjoy the Expos, but they kinda suck and it would be a few years before that changed. The Heat, on the other hand, would be Championship contenders immediately. Shaq in the East, nobodies stopping him. I've never liked Shaq, but for some reason his leaving the Lakers has made him likable. I guess it's the Lakers I hate.

While this may just be crazy talk, I'm excited.

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