First Friday

I accompanied Neon to First Friday which is an arts and entertainment event in the Las Vegas Arts District. Some months there is great art, some months the art is shit. This month, in my opinion, the art was bad. I don't pretend to be able to do any better but I feel like I can tell good art from bad art. Anyways, there was free alcohol, free cheese and crackers, and free music. So overall it was a fun night out. Here's a few pics I took with my cell phone.

I wasn't sure if these were art pieces or actually made for sitting. I grabbed a Tecate and sat down, nobody said anything so I guess it wasn't art.

A view towards the strip.

Picture of the mural on the wall of graffiti artist Dray's bungalow. Because it's across from a school bus stop, some people have complained over the exposed breasts. Of course these people don't complain about the showgirls asses that are plastered on most taxis or the stripjoint billboards. Whatever, losers. I happen to like this mural a lot and hope to see more. So do the kids at the bus stop.

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