King Arthur

I watched King Arthur yesterday. I don't understand why it's doing so bad at the box office. I loved it. Better than Troy, better than Spider-Man 2, better than anything else out right now. Yet, people are not going to see it.

The movie is the story of Arthur told as it could have happened, not the story you know. I love the magic of all the previous tales told about Arthur, but seeing this movie made it real. It had it's own magic, not from a wizard but from the land, their love, their heart.

I do wish the movie had been rated R, so the fighting could have been a more realistic, but even after saying that, I thought it was better than the fighting in Troy. Also the Roman sets could have been better done. They looked a little too new. I loved the costume and the local Britons looked incredible. They reminded me of Dark Elves. Keira Knightley as Guinevere, with blue makeup and a bow, baring her teeth at the Saxons, beautiful.

I loved the fact that Lancelot does not betray Arthur. I've always hated the Lancelot character because of his seduction of Guinevere. But here he redeems himself in my eyes. And speaking of Guinevere. Never have I seen a more beautiful Guinevere. She's not the week, blond, Princess that I've come to imagine. She's Arthur's equal.

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