52 Burns or RIAA Lawsuit

I too have decided to start a new year's project based on, actually a complete rip off of, kottke's 52 magazines or bust and vegard's 52 albums or burn. But I'm cheap(poor, lazy) and can't afford 52 CD's. Even if I could, I don't think a CD is worth the price. I could do magazines but I enjoy music more. So my project will involve me meticulously searching the web for albums. One a week, for the entire year and probably beyond. I'll be using the greatly superior BitTorrent client and Suprnova. When this site is down, I'll find another. If it comes down to it, I'll use Kazaa Lite.

So please give me suggestions on what I should check out. Any style, genre, etc will be considered. So help me out.

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