Album #2: Chutes To Narrow - The Shins

This album really didn't leave an impression on me. I blame the lyrics as not being forceful. I really didn't feel grabbed by any of them. A song would start and about 30 seconds into it had already lost my attention. I would say the lyrics are to poetic for my taste. I like to be swept up by the words but this album just made me think to hard to understand what he's saying. And when I did understand, I just didn't care.

So I googled the lyrics and read them instead of listened to them, and I actually liked them.

Kissing the Lipless
But you've got too much to wear on your sleeves
it has too much to do with me
and secretly I want to bury in the yard
the grey remains of a friendship scarred

That actually strikes a note within me. I can relate to that. But when he was singing it didn't do the same.

A Call To Apathy
Untie me, I've set my bow
The train is getting way too loud
I gotta leave here my girl
Get on with my lonely life
Just leave the ring on the rail
For the wheels to nullify

These are really good lyrics, and the music in this song was really good. So why didn't it make a splash for me. His voice. Something about it, just isn't believable to me. This song has a country feel to it but the voice is wrong for it.

I like the music, I like the lyrics on paper, I don't like his voice, or his delivery. In other words, neither good nor bad in my book.

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