Chutes and Ladders

I've gotten a lot of suggestions on what albums to download. The one that seemed to pop up in a few people's lists and on other sites is The Shins - Chutes too Narrow. So I decided to go with that one for my next review. From what I've heard so far, it's a little to mellow. I'll listen to it but lose track of what he's talking about. We'll see how it turns out after more listening. It's not an RIAA album either, so that's a good thing I guess.

I watched Paycheck with Ben Affleck a few days. It doesn't even deserve a link to it. It was really bad. The dialogue was so damn cheesy. The characters were one dimensional if that's possible. They were bodies with names running around. I did like the subject matter, but it wasn't explained well, and they didn't do enough with it. There was no point to it. My hopes for Kevin Smith's Jersey Girl have been shattered because Affleck is useless.

On another note, I completely, totally recommend 21 Grams by Alejandro González Iñárritu. It's three different stories that eventually become one. The actual story isn't what's important though, the individual scenes are. This is the reason that Iñárritu filmed it the way he did. Instead of showing the movie in sequential order, he jumps around in time. So you end having to piece the story together in your head. In a normal story you build up to the climax and then come down. In this one you experience all three at the same time. The result of this is that you focus more on the characters emotions in each scene instead of the overall result. For some people this is just to hard. In a way you can't just sit down and enjoy this film. You shouldn't feel enjoyment when it's over. You should feel drained.

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