TNN wants to change it's name to Spike TV and bill itself as the first network for men. I guess they haven't heard of ESPN, but that's not the problem. The problem is egomaniac director Spike Lee. He say's they're trying to capitilize of his name. His real name isn't even Spike, it's Shelton. Fucking Shelton. He's won a temporary injunction preventing Viacom from changing TNN's name to Spike TV. Jesus Christ. He even has Johnny Cochran representing him. And to think there's a judge in this country that agree's with him. I don't believe it. Lee and Cochran need to team up and do some group suicide.

Sorry for my outburst. Included in the fine programming that will be offered by Spike TV is a new animated program from Spiderman creator Stan Lee. Striperella follows the adventures of a striper who fights crime. Come on, it's Stan Lee, you have to give it a shot. Did I mention she's voiced by Pamela Anderson? "Exotic Dancer by night, Crime Fighter later at night" Super powers, yes sir, glass cutting nipples.!!! OK, it's cheesy as shit, but atleast they still have Star Trek TNG.

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