I just watched The Hulk and absolutly loved it. Finally a comic book movie that looks like a comic book. The transitions Ang Lee uses from scene to scene and the superimpostion gives the affect of looking at a comic book page with live action instead of stills. Other movies have captured the essence of the characters and stories from the comics but Hulk really captures the entire comic book feel.

I was impressed with CGI. I agree Hulk doesn't look as good as Gollum from the Two Towers but I got what I expected: a big green monster in purple shorts. The only times I even thought about the CGI was the few times the camera did extreme closeups of him and then it was only a fleeting thought in the back of my head.

This is not an action film, so don't expect it to be. It's a dramatic movie by an art director. If you love great stories, love the Hulk, or love comics, you'll love this movie.


Thank you Ang Lee for not making him say "Hulk, smash!!!"

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