A revised edition of Stephen King's The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger - Resumption is being relesed, to be quicly followed by the last three books of the series. All this over the next 17 months. Wow. I'm so used to waiting a minimuum of two years for the next chapter in a series (that bastard Robert Jordan). At least King has a good excuse for taking so long, I mean he did almost get killed, but the waiting is finally over.
The reason I love this series is that it is very different from others that are around. It is definitely fantasy, yet it is not set against the same backdrop everyone uses. Instead of dungeons and dragons, we're in a western, set in the future. After reading these books you have to go back and read all of King's other books to see if he's laid out any clues or references to the Dark Tower. A very engrossing read.

I must also mention (incase you haven't heard) the new Harry Potter book is out. While not as deep as the Dark Tower books it is quite enjoyable. It takes me back to my younger days when I firsted journeyed into the world of magic and fantasy with such delights as The Chronicles of Narnia and Edward Eager's Tales of Magic .

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